Sooo.. Just to make it easier in the social media world, I’ve made an landing page. Check it at

Quick update from me is:

– working on our next HK Big Curriculum…

– helping with all the sales and marketing of our children’s ministry resources

– baked a lovely cake yesterday, pink on the inside, white icing with chocolate polka dots

– spent some time in melbourne with my family, highlight of the trip was my niece’s 13th birthday a pink limo with 8 teenagers!

– reading: Checklist manifesto by Ayul Gwande, which is only affirming my belief in checklists and giving me more reason to proselytize to others who need checklists.

– watching: 30 Rock season 5

– listening to: Coldplay, Florence & the Machine, Bing Crosby, Miles Davis and a truly delightful Bette Midler Vinyl

– eating: chicken nicoise

– planning: christmas decorations for my new WHITE christmas tree. Theme is black, white, silver, angel wings, bells.

What’s new with you?