Over 12 months in the making… Hillsong Kids BIG Supernatural Children’s ministry curriculum is available! I’m so excited about this edition of Hillsong Kids BIG because it’s all about WORSHIP!! And that’s a quality our house is known for and exploring worship with your children’s ministry is so valuable. Funny Man Dan and the team are at their best with even more crazy antics, the BIG HQ team explore the topics and have a whole lot of fun.

We’ve packed this curriculum full of stories, games, object lessons, activities, prayers, worship and awesome small group materials. Our team behind the scenes is world class and the production quality on this project is stunning. Here’s some behind  the scenes info..

Our filming crew on this project mostly used Cannon 5D cameras – If you’ve ever picked up a cannon DSLR and taken a beautiful clear sharp photograph – that’s what the video elements on Supernatural are! Even after watching it a gazillion times in the proofing and editing process I still say every time “ahh that video is soooo beautiful..”

The BIG HQ studio has a new location! We found a room in one of our buildings that we could take over for a week to shoot all the BIG HQ segments, it’s flooded with natural light and the space worked perfectly to squeeze a sound guy, lighting, cameras and a large cast. Plus it had a great room beside it we could use for props, costumes, rehearsals and meals.

We have some seriously hilarious middle sections that drive home the teaching point for the lesson, Look out for a song about writing a song and Dave and Dan as schoolboys in the school yard.

The last 4 weeks in the Supernatural series is ‘World Wide Worship’ and is all about Social Justice. A Key ingredient to worship is that it is about ACTION. To truly worship God we don’t just sing songs to Him.. we live and love the way He requires us to… to love justice, to live for others and to show His love to the world.
Our prayer is that this resource can be a real blessing to your children’s ministry, camp, kids club or school. If you have any questions about the resource email us on hillsongkidsbig@hillsong.com