I love seeing design come to life out in the real world, when it jumps off the print format page and comes to life. A great example of this is our Hillsong Conference design (http://hillsongconference.com/), I say “our” because it’s “our” church not because I personally have anything to do with the creation of it. The triangle shapes and design that is throughout all the marketing, print, web, logos, posters has also come to life in our staging, foyers and even bathroom mirrors! The Red, Blue, Yellow and Orange Trinagles spill off the foyer advertising and onto windows, the floor and hanging in the air. They can be seen in bathrooms with stickers stuck on mirrors, posters on the back of the doors and in HUGE form on each stage at all our campuses.

Check out this video of typography and perspective… cleaver really, wish it was my idea!