The Vivid festival is held every winter in Sydney. Last weekend a friend and I spent the afternoon in the city then as the sun went down we got into postiton to see the sails of the Opera House illuminate with moving projections and lights. All through the city were incredible, interactive,  and stunning light installations. It was amazing how many people were there! it was like New Year’s eve! The buzz of the crowd was great! On a cold winter night, that would otherwise leave the city empty and lifeless, some genius has brought thousands of people into the city with His/Her idea.

If someone had pitched me the idea of putting on an outdoor, night only event in the middle of winter I would have shut them down, thinking there is no way it would work. But it’s a huge success, injects life and income into the city and is a great family activity. I love it when out of the box ideas are exactly right and hit the target! Think big!