Here’s what we all do but maybe never say aloud… come on..admit it..  you do it too in your children’s ministry.

1. We count pregnant women as two people in our headcounts. It’s cause we care for children from the earliest possible moment.

2. We rush to clean up all the blood from a child’s injury before the parent arrives, so as to not freak them out.

3. We find reasons to confiscate candy, then we eat the candy.

4. We confiscate awesome toys… and then we play with them for the whole service before returning to the child.

5. Dress up weekends are our favourite weekends, really we’d like to dress up in superhero costumes every week, but it’s hard for parents to take us seriously if we do.

6. We LOVE giving kids helium filled balloons, just to see families with 5 kids try and stuff all the balloons into the car before they drive home.

7. We do crafts for our benefit and children’s enjoyment. We don’t really mind that parents have to carry home craft with wet glue and paint on it.

8. If we give out any sugar filled treats we do so just before the parents collect the children. Sugar rush is then parents problem, not ours.

9.We go see kids movies in the name of “research” but really we’re just seeing them for our own enjoyment.

10. When we advertise a “Surprise Guest” or a “Special gift for everyone” we actually don’t know what the “Surprise” is yet, but had to send the posters and flyers to print before it got locked in.